About Lit Fuse

Why we love what we do.

Lit Fuse Software Ltd. is a software company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with one huge difference from other software companies; We design our software to be accessible, easy to learn and use, and open to anyone. For us, it's about your experience and how you use the software.

So whether you're a computer user with decades of experience, or someone just starting out in the digital world, our software will scale to your experience and make using our software a digital breeze.

When we design our programs, we don't just design them with your immediate needs in mind, but also what you'll want and need in the future. So you can be certain that software you receive from us is absolutely designed with you (and future you) in mind.

And not only do we design software, we also provide support to our customers. If you're new to software, and you're finding it a struggle, get in touch. We're dedicated to ensuring our software is as user-friendly as possible.

We're friendly, approachable, and most of all, we want our software to suit you. No matter the time taken, we'll ensure you're familiar and confident using our software. Give us a call!