Easily Protect RDP

LF Intrusion Detection, a powerful tool to automatically tackle the ongoing
issues of brute force attacks.

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Complete control. Complete peace of mind. If out-of-the-box settings aren’t your thing, LF Intrusion Detection offers an array of customization options, putting you in the pilot seat and giving you complete control of your server’s security. Whether running on a developer machine or enterprise web host, LID will provide the protection you need.

Easy 6 Click Install

Our renowned 6 click install means your server will have LID installed and fighting off hackers within minutes of downloading.

Our out-of-the box features provide you with a completely hands-off security solution (or feel free to customize yourself). All of our features and options have been carefully documented in our step by step instructions.

Support Always there

We provide the best customer service in the industry - hands down.

We pride ourselves on our service, and that is why we provide full technical support for all of our users, including free licenses. Whether you become a VIP member or not, you will get the same top notch support any and every time you need us.

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How it works

LF Intrusion Detection uses several methods to detect and stop malicious login attempts.

Working quietly in the background, LFID monitors and protects both Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Microsoft SQL server applications.

Our software is always up to date with the latest security patches, and as part of our “worry free philosophy," LID will automatically update itself without requiring a single click of the mouse. Of course, like everything else about our software, updates are fully customizable. You can choose to turn automatic updates off if you so wish.

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